Saturday, August 28, 2010

Make Galleries For Your Website....

Fabulous way to make Galleries for your website.
Install Adobe Bridge CS5.
And follow some simple steps to make your websites full of charm and grace. 
Just click on the image if you cant see properly. It'll take some time but its worth it. 

Open Adobe Bridge CS5 on your computer.
Select Folders Pannel. Or get folders pannel from the Windows Menu bar from the top 

On the Left hand side, browse through the folders that contain wallpapers or photos which are desired to be the part of the gallery.

Now you have to select files from the content pannel as shown below.
You have to select the files that would to be the part of the gallery.
select it with Ctrl+Mouse Click on that file.

As I said, I have selected few files at the bottom.

Look at the top right corner of your screen. Select Output pannel from there. If it doesnt appear, click on the down arrow and select "Output".

Select Web Gallery Options from there(in the top right part)

Choose the type "Airtight AutoViewer"(preferred).... or any other as you want.

Select "Lightroom" for style.

Following are the pictures to customise your view.

Let the gallery be created.

Open the folder where it is saved.
Open Index.html in your favourite browser which has flash.

Just check out the effects of browsing photographs in your HTML page.

Enjoy and Innovate.
Happy "BRIDGING"!!!

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